Is Taskbarx Actively Maintained And Updated

Windows taskbar is the nerve center for navigating applications and managing tasks efficiently. However, enthusiasts often seek enhancements to tailor this interface to their preferences. TaskbarX is a popular solution that offers customization options to elevate the user experience. But amidst the dynamic software development landscape, users often ponder: Is TaskbarX actively maintained and updated? Let’s delve deeper to uncover the answer.

TaskbarX, developed by Chris Andriessen, has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to center taskbar icons, introduce fluid animations, and provide extensive customization features. Yet, amidst the plethora of utilities available, users often ponder a crucial question: Is TaskbarX actively maintained and updated?

Understanding TaskbarX: A Brief Overview

Before delving into its maintenance status, let’s grasp the essence of TaskbarX. TaskbarX is a utility designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the Windows taskbar. This tool, developed by Chris Andriessen, gained traction for its ability to center taskbar icons and offer fluid animations, thereby augmenting user interaction with the desktop environment.

The Importance of Maintenance in Software Development

Maintenance is critical to software development, ensuring that applications remain relevant, functional, and secure in evolving technological landscapes. It encompasses various activities, including bug fixes, performance optimizations, feature enhancements, and compatibility updates. For users, well-maintained software translates to a seamless experience devoid of glitches and vulnerabilities.

Is TaskbarX Actively Maintained?

Addressing the primary concern, let’s ascertain TaskbarX’s maintenance status. As of [current date], TaskbarX continues to receive regular updates and maintenance from its developer, Chris Andriessen. The official GitHub repository is the central hub for tracking developments, bug fixes, and feature additions.

Frequency of Updates

One key indicator of active maintenance is the frequency of updates. TaskbarX exhibits a commendable track record in this aspect, with updates released periodically to address user feedback and introduce new features. Users can expect updates every few weeks, reflecting the developer’s dedication to refining and enhancing the utility.

Quality of Updates

Apart from frequency, the quality of updates also plays a pivotal role in assessing maintenance efforts. TaskbarX updates focus on bug fixes and introduce meaningful features and improvements based on user suggestions. This proactive approach ensures that TaskbarX remains aligned with evolving user needs and technological advancements.

Community Engagement

Another aspect that reinforces TaskbarX’s maintenance commitment is community engagement. The developer maintains an open line of communication with users through various channels, including GitHub discussions, forums, and social media platforms. This enables users to report issues, suggest features, and engage in constructive dialogue, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to continuous improvement.

Feature Enhancements

TaskbarX’s evolution is not solely confined to maintenance; it also encompasses feature enhancements to enrich user experience. Recent updates have introduced dynamic taskbar transparency, advanced customization options, and improved performance optimizations. These additions underscore the developer’s proactive stance towards innovation and user satisfaction.

Merge Buttons

In the upcoming Windows 11 2023 Update, the development team has reintroduced the functionality to display labels alongside each instance of an application in the Taskbar.

Upon installing the feature update, users can access the option through Settings > Personalization > Taskbar. Within the “Taskbar behaviors” settings, a new feature labeled “Combine taskbar buttons and hide labels” will be available. This setting enables users to customize how labels are shown, offering options such as “Never,” “When the taskbar is full,” or “Always.”

Furthermore, the system includes a dedicated setting to activate this feature for additional Taskbars when utilizing multiple displays, providing users with enhanced flexibility and control over their desktop experience.

Compatibility and Integration

Software maintenance must ensure compatibility with evolving platforms and seamless integration with existing systems. TaskbarX demonstrates compatibility with various Windows versions, including Windows 10 and 11, ensuring a consistent experience across different environments. Moreover, the utility integrates seamlessly with third-party customization tools, allowing users to personalize their desktop experience further.

Security Considerations

In addition to functionality and performance, security remains a critical aspect of software maintenance. TaskbarX adheres to best practices in code security and undergoes regular security audits to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. Users can be assured that their desktop environment is safeguarded against threats.

Audio Mixer

In this latest release, the Taskbar unveils a revamped volume mixer accessible through the Quick Settings flyout. The updated interface boasts a modern design, empowering users to adjust audio levels per app and seamlessly switch device output as needed.

For compatible devices, the Quick Settings flyout now offers the convenience of toggling Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos on or off, enhancing the audio experience with ease.

Additionally, users can now employ the “Windows key + Ctrl + V” keyboard shortcut to swiftly access the volume mixer, streamlining the managing audio settings on their Windows device.


TaskbarX stands as a testament to the importance of active maintenance in software development. Through regular updates, feature enhancements, and community engagement, the developer ensures that TaskbarX remains a versatile and reliable tool for Windows users seeking to customize their desktop experience. As of [current date], TaskbarX continues to thrive, reaffirming its status as a well-maintained utility cherished by enthusiasts worldwide. So, the resounding answer is yes for those wondering whether TaskbarX is actively maintained and updated.

Furthermore, TaskbarX’s compatibility with various Windows versions and seamless integration with existing desktop environments underscore its versatility and reliability. Whether users seek to customize their taskbar layout, enhance visual aesthetics, or improve workflow efficiency, TaskbarX stands as a beacon of innovation and user-centric design.

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